Nine-year-old Millie Mak has discovered she has a superpower!
Using everyday objects, Millie turns them into something new, beautiful and useful. Who would ever think that a sunhat could be made from an old bedsheet, a skirt from a tea-towel, or some hair scrunchies from a scarf?
Through her creativity and clever thinking, Millie also deals with different friendships, tricky family challenges, and contributes to the school fete.
You can make the special objects Millie creates from the detailed and yet easy-to-follow instructions included in the book. And best of all, nothing needs to be bought!
From award-winning author-illustrator team, Alice Pung and Sher Rill Ng, comes the first book in an inspiring new series for young and old makers.


Working on Millie Mak has been such a wonderful time. Alice has reignited a passion for sewing and making things, both in myself and everyone else who has come across Millie and her projects. 
Millie has become one of my absolute favourite heroines and I could not be happier that I had the opportunity to bring her to life in this illustrated novel.
Cover illustration and Design
Praise for Millie Mak the Maker:
'A gentle story about family, friendship and making old things new again.' - Deborah Abela
'I gulped Millie Mak down like a drink of fresh water. Crafty, creative, and courageous, it shines with hope, cosiness, industriousness, and a rare kind of bravery. It explores timely topics in a way that feels honest, and does so with a fierce, tender joy.' - Sophie Beer
'Clever, whip smart, with a touch of whimsy. Young readers will find the Mak and Singh families relatable and wonderfully refreshing. I loved it!' - Wai Chim
'A big-hearted book about transformation, creativity and discovery, and how we should start where we are and use what we have. It teaches us that we don't need to buy things to have things and that each of us is a maker. The potential of everything and everyone that surrounds us is unlocked in beautiful prose from Alice Pung and delightful illustrations by Sher Rill Ng. The power of kindness and kinship is at the heart of these stories.' - Jaclyn Crupi
'Millie Mak is a girl for our times - resourceful, kind, real and creative, able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary at every turn.' - Rebecca Lim
'A celebration of creativity and ingenuity whip-stitched into an authentic and refreshingly honest portrayal of families and life in multicultural Australia - Millie Mak the Maker will warm the hearts of many young readers.' - Sue Whiting
Publisher: Lisa Berryman
Editor: Siobhan Cantrill
Cover design: Hazel Lam

ISBN: 9781460716090
ISBN 10: 1460716094
Imprint: HarperCollins
On Sale: 30/08/2023
Pages: 288
Age: From 8 years

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